About Synchrony Brain Health®

Synchrony Brain Health® Outpatient Psychiatric Treatment

The use of neuroscience technologies has enhanced the understanding and treatment of insufficient response to traditional treatments for psychiatric conditions. Following a neuroscience-informed assessment, Synchrony Brain Health® Utilizes research-validated neuromodulation technologies to achieve maximum symptom relief and support optimal brain health. Individuals receiving dTMS and/or neurofeedback at Synchrony Brain Health® are also eligible for various psychotherapy services which further facilitate neuromodulation.

Mission Statement

Synchrony Brain Health®’s mission is to provide state of the art, research-based neuroscience technologies
in support of individuals seeking relief and healing from psychiatric conditions and individuals striving
to optimize brain fitness and performance.


Following his education at Yale, The Chicago Medical School, Northwestern University Medical School Psychiatry Residency and The Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis, Dr. Viner has four decades of experience applying the clinical and research knowledge of psychiatry and psychoanalysis to the challenge of creating meaningful & pragmatically effective treatment programs.

Dr. Viner has served as the Medical Director for Inpatient Services at Northwestern Memorial Hospital/Feinberg School of Medicine and Four Winds Chicago Hospital. He is the CEO and Chief Medical Officer at Yellowbrick, a national referral center for the treatment of troubled emerging adults, in addition to his role as Founder of Synchrony. Dr. Viner has a decade of experience utilizing TMS and other brain-based technologies.

If you or someone you know is suffering from mental illness or wants to optimize mental functioning, please contact us via phone, email or contact form. Our assessment team is ready to help.