What are the Benefits of Using Alpha Stim Treatment?

What are the Benefits of Using Alpha Stim Treatment?

Alpha stim treatment, or CES therapy, is a type of treatment that is gaining popularity among people looking to ease symptoms of various mental health issues. There are many advantages to choosing this type of therapy. So, what is it, is it something you should consider, and what are its benefits?

What is Alpha Stim Treatment?

Alpha stim treatment, also known as cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES), is a type of therapy that uses electrodes that are responsible for sending current pulses in order to provide neurostimulation. These electro currents work to target the vestibulocochlear nerve and the regions of the brain that surround this nerve. The vestibulocochlear nerve is located near the ear and is responsible for balance and the transmittance of sound. So, alpha stim devices are attached to the earlobe in order to send wave signals to this nerve.

What Can Alpha Stim Treatment Help With?

There are a number of things that alpha stim therapy can help with. Some of these issues include:

Symptoms of Depression: This type of therapy is known to help with mood stabilization. So, people diagnosed with depressive disorders can use this treatment in order to help manage moods, including feelings of sadness and despair, which are common symptoms of depressive disorders.

Symptoms of Anxiety: Along with mood management for people with depressive disorders, alpha stim therapy can also help with feelings of anxiety. People diagnosed with anxiety disorders who utilize alpha stim therapy may feel more relaxed and have less severe levels of stress.

Sleep Disturbances: Many mental health issues, including substance use disorder and PTSD, can come with symptoms that affect sleep habits. Alpha stim therapy can promote better sleep, making it a helpful tool for people living with these types of mental health issues too.

Some of the Benefits of Alpha Stim Therapy

Along with helping to ease symptoms of multiple mental health conditions, there are also some benefits of alpha stim therapy that make it a better option for many people than other types of available treatments. Thus, making it a considerable option for people who may be wanting to add to their treatment planning and improve the outcomes of other types of treatments. Some of the benefits of using alpha stim treatment during mental health treatment include:

Minimal Side Effects: There is no anesthesia, medication, or downtime required for patients who choose to use alpha stim therapy. It’s a completely non-invasive treatment that isn’t painful. Furthermore, due to its non-invasive nature, there are little to no side effects associated with this treatment. Thus, making it a great therapy to choose when people want to steer clear of side effects, pain, and invasive procedures.

It Can Improve Balance: Alpha stim therapy is one of the only types of therapies that can treat both symptoms of anxiety and depression. This is because it improves mood management, helping patients to balance their emotions. As alpha stim can assist with normalizing brain activity, this allows for a more balanced and regulated brain which can result in feeling more balanced overall as an individual.

It’s Simple and Easy: People who want to use alpha stim therapy don’t have to worry about uprooting their lives and taking large chunks out of their day to utilize this type of therapy. Typical alpha stim devices are easy to use and can be implemented easily in daily life. Alpha stim units are traditionally hand’s-free, making it possible to enjoy and participate in other activities while utilizing this therapy.

Using CES Therapy at Synchrony Brain Health

Synchrony Brain Health is an outpatient mental health treatment center located near Chicago that offers a number of brain-focused treatments, including alpha stim, or CES, for patients in our care. Find out more about our available treatment services and CES treatment on our website.