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Psychiatric Medical Care- Medications & Supplements Guided by Genetic Analysis

Diagnosis is established through the use of the Structured Clinical Interview for Diagnosis, or SCID, which is the most reliable and valid method of determining psychiatric diagnosis. A convergence of other data then supports the SCID in determining diagnosis, including a variety of psychometric instruments, as well as functional neuroimaging through the use of quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG).

Treatment recommendations often include medications, though a variety of non-medication based therapeutic modalities are also employed to provide the patient the highest level of support possible. In the work of recovery from psychiatric struggle. Personalized medication recommendations are based on pharmacogenetic testing, which provides critical information on the patient’s metabolism and neurobiological functioning. A range of nonmedication-based modalities are also available at Synchrony Brain Health. These include neuromodulatory technologies, such as dTMS and Alpha Stim, nutraceuticals (e.g. specific vitamins and minerals, Omega 3 supplementation, etc), exercise, sleep regulation, and yoga all of which help to restore healthy functioning and well-being.

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