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User-friendly Assessment Report & Recommendations

Mental Health Assessment Reporting and Recommendations at Synchrony

At Synchrony Brain Health, we recognize that each person is unique and no person can be understood by labelling them with a diagnosis. Synchrony staff will engage you in a relationship and through that process get to know the specific aspects of your life experiences and the context which brings you to reach out for our assistance. Reviewing your past efforts in psychiatric treatment and how you feel about seeking assistance now is important in supporting you in an individualized manner and inspiring hope.

Synchrony’s values and philosophy includes a belief that collaborative, informed relationships between professionals and patients lead to the best clinical outcomes. Towards that end, Synchrony devotes time and resources promoting your understanding of the findings of your assessment from which Synchrony’s recommendations are derived. We appreciate that experiencing psychiatric symptoms and coming for an assessment can be very activating, thus making it a challenging moment to listen and learn. In order to best support you integrating the findings of the assessment, Synchrony utilizes repetition and multiple modalities such as verbal and written contexts.

Synchrony staff will share with you the diagnostic and treatment implications of your history. Synchrony also utilizes the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM V (SCIDV), the gold standard for reaching a categorical diagnosis in psychiatry. You will view your scores on research-validated self-reporting metrics which are used to track the course of your treatment. The basis for each of the treatment recommendations will be reviewed with you and options presented with their opportunities and risks if any. These will also be presented to you, and any personal or professional stakeholders you authorize, in a written report. This report can serve as a reference document in your current and future work with other professionals beyond your time at Synchrony.

The following diagnostic methods are routinely utilized:

  • Personal history
  • Risk assessment
  • Psychiatric interview
  • Specialty assessments as indicated; substance abuse, eating disorder, nutrition, cognition, executive function, etc.
  • Family history as indicated
  • Quantitative electroencephalogram, (qEEG)
  • Pharmacogenomic testing for genetic analysis and implications for medication management
  • Urine toxicology
  • Beck Depression Inventory
  • Beck Anxiety Inventory
  • Psychiatric Symptom Inventory
  • Yale-Brown OCD Scale

Synchrony staff will explain the indications for various treatment recommendations as they are linked with assessment findings.

Synchrony welcomes your questions, comments, and feelings within the process of assessment and treatment.

To learn more about our assessment process and mental health reports, call us today at 866-364-2300.

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