Collaborative Consultation with Professionals and Family as Indicated

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Collaborative Consultation with Professionals and Family as Indicated

Synchrony Offers Mental Health Consultation

Here at Synchrony Brain Health, we offer support for both the individuals in our care and their families whenever necessary. This way, both individuals living with mental health issues and their families have access to mental health professionals when they need help, advice, or care. These stakeholders participate and support a multidimensional approach to assessment and treatment. Ongoing consultation also supports stakeholders being informed of the ways in which support for the treatment can be optimized.

Synchrony Brain Health recognizes that psychiatric illnesses exist within a broad social context within which multiple caring stakeholders are often in a position to provide information that is significant for guiding decisions about treatment. At Synchrony, we believe that comprehensive, collaborative, and integrated care is the platform and process most likely to lead to the best outcomes. SBH staff inquire upon registration as to who are the professional and personal stakeholders who can contribute to a comprehensive and integrated assessment. Legal authorizations for the release of information are then signed allowing for collaboration among all stakeholders.

The Process of Collaborative Care

Synchrony Brain Health staff will effort to contact all current and relevant prior professionals in order to compile as complete a history and database informing diagnosis and treatment decisions going forward. Synchrony staff will continue to have ongoing consultation as indicated with professionals providing services to patients who are also in treatment at Synchrony Brain Health. These consultations will be disclosed and discussed at the time with the patient.

Depending on the age, preferences, and personal circumstances of the patient, and always with the utmost respect for privacy and boundaries, SBH will discuss with the patient how they wish to proceed regarding involvement of family in the assessment and initial and ongoing treatment planning process. Conferences comprised of the patient, stakeholders, and Synchrony staff are often a supportive forum for ongoing integrated, collaborative care. Written reports can be made available as requested.

Specialized Consultations at Synchrony

Synchrony’s staff are specialists with training and experience in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Adult Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Neuromodulation, Forensic Psychiatry, Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders, Disorders resulting from trauma and more. We welcome offering second opinions for treatments that are unclear diagnostically, undecided as to best next steps and/or stuck in potential and painful stalemates. Dr Jung Mi Yi, Synchrony’s Director of Admissions, is available to discuss whether a second opinion or the consideration for adding neuromodulation interventions to an ongoing treatment merits further consideration.

Synchrony fiercely respects the professional-patient relationship and intimate bonds formed in treatment. Our staff works collaboratively in integrating additional neuromodulation interventions while supporting the prior ongoing treatment for those individuals who come to Synchrony while in the care of other professionals.

To learn more about our collaborative consultations with professionals and family, call us today at 866-364-2300.

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