Here at Synchrony Brain Health, we offer a program known as ReCognition. Essentially, this is a brain gym for cognitive enhancement which promotes healthy functioning of the brain. Many people living with mental health issues may suffer from poor cognition brought on by symptoms of mental health issues, mismanagement with medications, or substance use. But, our ReCognition program can help these individuals work out their minds to regain optimal cognitive functioning.

The Need for Cognitive Enhancement in People Living With Mental Health Issues

People living with various mental health issues develop issues with cognitive functioning due to the symptoms of their conditions, medications, and other factors. Some of these issues with cognitive functioning can include:

  • memory issues
  • processing of information
  • attention span and focus
  • executive functioning
  • reading (speed, phrasing, and accuracy)

Types of Disorders Recognition Can Help With to Achieve Better Cognitive Function

There are a number of mental health disorders that can impair cognitive functioning. Some of these issues include:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Personality disorders
  • Mood disorders (Bipolar disorders and other depressive disorders)
  • Eating disorders

What is Recognition and How Can it Help?

Recognition is an approach used at Synchrony Brain Health in order to rehabilitate individuals who may be struggling with cognitive functioning as a result of mental health issues. It’s designed to help individuals in treatment who have made steps to recovery, but are still having issues with comprehension, social relationships due to cognitive impairment, and cognitive development.

The practice of Recognition involves using computer programming to exercise the mind. And, the use of group therapy sessions. Together, these practices can help to stimulate higher cognitive functioning, improve the processing of information and mental endurance, and activate social awareness to better regulate relationships.

Exploring the Benefits of Better Cognitive Functioning

Higher cognitive functioning for individuals who are dealing with issues in relation to cognition as the result of mental health issues can be very beneficial. Some of these benefits can include:

  • better reading and writing skills
  • more success in gaining higher education
  • better opportunities for advancements in careers
  • improved understanding and recollection of what’s learned in treatment
  • improvements in social situations (helps to maintain and make relationships with others)
  • a higher chance of adjusting to new social situations

Synchrony Offers Recognition as a Part of Outpatient Treatment

Here at Synchrony Brain Health, our mission is to provide individuals in treatment for mental health issues the best chance of success with recovery. We believe that enhancing cognitive function and brain retraining is a step in this process. With our help, individuals who want to enhance and improve their lives and reduce symptoms of mental health issues can learn to maintain mental wellbeing. And, instill what they’ve learned in treatment throughout their daily lives.

Learn more about our ReCognition brain gym program at Synchrony Brain Health by calling us today for more information at 866-364-2300.

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