What is Alpha-Stim Treatment and Who is it For?

What is Alpha-Stim Treatment and Who is it For?

Many people are looking for alternatives to mental health treatment and therapies as medications can lead to adverse reactions. And, because results aren’t always the same from patient to patient. Combining traditional treatment methods and new-age therapies, like alpha-stim, can provide people with the more effective treatment results they’re looking for. But, what is alpha-stim, and who is a good candidate for this type of therapy?

Understanding More About What Alpha-Stim Is

So, what is alpha-stim, and who can benefit from this type of treatment? Essentially, alpha-stim is a device that sends electromagnetic wavelengths into the body that can help to break down harmful chemicals and cells that can be the result of mental and physical health issues within the body to the electron level. This resets the body so that it can regenerate new and fully functioning cells, resulting in better mental and physical well-being. Alpha-stim is FDA-approved to help treat issues including insomnia, depression, and anxiety and can be used in combination with other therapies and treatments.

The Benefits

The benefits of alpha-stim treatment are many, but they are unlike traditional forms of mental health treatment as it is completely non-invasive. Medications that are traditionally used in the treatment of mental health issues, pain, and sleep disorders can become addictive. Also, they may present the risk of side effects or adverse reactions in some people who try them. Alpha-stim has little to no risk of side effects. Plus, is non-invasive, so patients who use it don’t have to worry about the risk of experiencing discomfort or adverse reactions. Finally, alpha-stim can be utilized on an outpatient basis and people who use this type of therapy can go about their daily routine after treatment sessions and without the need for any recovery time.

How It Works

The alpha-stim device comes with clasps that attach to the ear lobes that send electromagnetic waves into the body during sessions. These electromagnetic waves are then sent to the brain and end up stimulating specific nerve cells in the brain that are responsible for mood management, sleep management, and other things that are associated with physical and mental health. These electromagnetic currents are not very strong, so patients do not feel anything during alpha-stim sessions. They can just sit back and relax while the device does its job.

The alpha-stim device can be adjusted to pinpoint specific neurons of the brain according to a patient’s needs. For example, if a patient is experiencing insomnia, they may get a different alpha-stim experience than a patient who is diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression. The results of alpha-stim may vary from person to person, but most people experience symptom relief after their first session. Sessions can last longer than 20 mins and typically, patients are put on a schedule for sessions to occur 2-4x per week until expected results occur.

Who is a Good Candidate for Aplha-Stim Therapy?

If you haven’t had the best luck experiencing symptom relief of anxiety, depression, or insomnia with traditional treatments, you may be looking for an alternative therapy like alpha-stim. So, you may be wondering if you’re a good candidate for alpha-stim sessions. Many people can benefit from alpha-stim, but there are some things that may keep a person from being a good candidate for this type of therapy. Find out if you’re a good candidate by having a professional consultation with a mental health professional like the ones available at Synchrony Brain Health.